Number 28 for first birthday

Along with the root number of 1 defining number 28 in terms of individuality and leadership characteristics, the 2 and 8 that make up the original number also have influential characteristics as well. If we are to better understand how the number 28 functions in our Numerology chart, we will need to take a close look at the meanings of numbers 2 and 8 as well. The number 2 is the number of cooperation, partnership and teamwork. Those who have this energy in their Numerology chart make excellent team members and business associates.

They are also passive and introspective and are not usually effective when forced into leadership positions.

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The number 8, on the other hand is less introspective and more materialistic. Those who are rich with 8 energy in their birth chart are likely to be capable of building great things, whether those are physical buildings or huge organizations. In the I Ching, the 28th kua is translated as Excess and it tells of a time or situation in which there may be too much of a particular thing.

The symbol of this kua is a forest submerged in water. A forest needs water to grow, but too much water and it will cease to grow. When the number 28 occurs symbolically or organically in our experience, it could indicate that we are in an unbalanced situation in which there is an excess of some kind. The number 28 may come up in any number of ways, as divination as in the case of the I Ching, as a date, a time 28 past the hour , addresses, room numbers, amounts of money or some other measurable quantity.

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Often, numbers occurring in our experience seem to appear there at random. However, it is possible that their appearance can be read as messages from spirit. When you notice the number 28 occurring in your experience again and again, it could be a sign for you to seek balance in your affairs. It may be a sign that you are acting in a way that is too ego-oriented or that you have been lacking humility. Number 28 is prone to produce unbalanced states and situations.

This is primarily due to the fact that the 1 and 8 roots that inform it are highly materialistic numbers, while the 2 is spiritual, passive and introspective.

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The result is often someone who has the personality traits required to be a leader, but may lack the self-confidence to do so. The best way to activate the 1 energy inherent in number 28 is to practice positive thinking. Practicing positive thinking can activate high frequency attractor energies that can bring your desires within reach. I celebrate my special day with the realization that I am currently in possession of the most priceless gift on Earth — LIFE.

May the good Lord be forever praised. Before the avalanche of birthday wishes come in, let me be the first to wish myself a very wonderful birthday. God bless me. Today, I pray for happiness, peace, and prosperity. I know God will answer my prayers. On my special day, I just want to wish myself pure happiness that never ends.

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Thank you, Father. Happy birthday to sweet me! I am blessed and highly favored. I am thankful to God for blessing me every single day of my life. I feel deep within my heart that this special day is going to mark the beginning of a wonderful year for me. I just want to thank God for keeping me alive to see this special day of mine. I am proud of my accomplishments thus far.

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It feels so good to be me. May I be blessed with happiness, good health, and prosperity. Today marks yet another amazing day for me. Thanks to the Lord Almighty, a new age has been awarded me, and I pray for many more days like this joyous anniversary I am experiencing today. It is here again, and I want to share this special day of mine with you all. The Lord has been merciful to me and I pray for more mercies in the years ahead.

I pray to the Lord for more of an ecstatic day like today. Not many have the opportunity to have a new year added to their lives. It is only by Your grace that I can celebrate today. I wish myself a cheerful birthday. The day has come again for me to say a wish, and I wish myself success and everlasting happiness as I celebrate a birthday full of joy today. I am very thankful and grateful to the Almighty for granting me yet another year.

I pray for an abundance of grace in my world.

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Special thanks to the Lord and everyone who has been instrumental in my life. I pray for many more heavenly days like today. I will be forever grateful to the Lord for giving me another special day on this earth. On this day, I pray for a peaceful birthday and supernatural guidance in the life ahead. Lord, thank you for giving and blessing me with this special day.

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I will forever praise You. I pray that You continue to give me many more days like today. Lord, please guide me in all that I do today and in the many days and years ahead as I celebrate my birthday. I will drink and make merry today, because it is that wonderful day again and I give all credits to the Lord for making it possible for me. I pray for a joyful anniversary today and always. Singing, dancing and praising the Lord is the least that I can do to show appreciation for including yet another age to mine.

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I pray for more jubilant days ahead. No one has shown me more love, care, and mercies than You have done, Oh Lord; and on my birthday today, I want to thank you for all that You have done for me and the many more wonders that You are yet to do in this world for me. Living to see yet another wonderful year is a priceless blessing.

Dear God, on this special day, I cry for more priceless blessings like this. Today is my birthday, and my heart is full of nothing but gratitude. I pray that the Lord will grant me more special days like this to praise His name. I am special today because I am getting an additional year in this world. I beseech advancement in my career and finances. Lord, I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful things You have done for me.

Today is another wonderful gift that You have given me, and I will make merry and praise Your mighty name.

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  • Happy anniversary to me. I live a magical life, and I can only thank the Lord for making it possible.

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    I pray to the Lord for more and more better days to come. Happy blessed birthday to me! I pray for the directions of the Lord and for better opportunities to come my way. As I commemorate the day I was ushered into this world, I just want to shout out loud how grateful I am for being in possession of the priceless and precious gift of life, which is without a shred of doubt the biggest birthday gift I could ever ask for.

    Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to someone awesome, talented, beautiful, and funny! Look out world, this party animal has been let off the leash.