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Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, July 12222

Eclipse season has arrived! There are two intense eclipses this month, the first in Cancer on July 2, right after Mars enters fiery Leo on July 1. Eclipses stop us in our tracks, and if we've been on the wrong path, they redirect us—whether we like it or not. Fortunately, Mars in proud Leo has your back, helping you cut off situations that no longer serve you.

The eclipse in Cancer will rock your relationships in every aspect of your life, not just romance. If you've been partnering with the wrong people, a shift will take place. Do you set "goals" for your relationships like you do in other areas of your life? A clean slate is arriving, and everything from who your "type" has been to what you want to see for yourself in the future is undergoing a revision.

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The energy is very emotional, and you're learning who you can really share emotional supper with at this time. You'll also be exhausted, so take time off if you can. Do you believe in destiny, Capricorn? If so, a fated partnership may arrive now.


A relationship that previously didn't get the chance it deserved may also benefit from the shake-ups taking place. Will your relationships be miserable this month? Things are hard right now, but they're not all bad, and romance can come your way so long as you're not clinging to the past! Venus enters water sign Cancer on July 3, bringing blessings to your relationships.

You'll be running into cuties and Venus in Cancer brings sweet, flirty vibes.

Expect to run into people from your past as Mercury begins its retrograde on July 7 in Leo. Financial issues that need a second look will come up for you to examine, particularly concerning debts, taxes, inheritances, and shared resources. The conversations you had over the last few weeks come up for reconsideration.

The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Mercury retrograde in Leo also asks that you make time to sit with grief that you've been avoiding, whether it was due to lack of time or emotional bandwidth. Watch out for delays and miscommunications, and save important purchases, contracts, or travel for a later date.

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Venus connects with Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus and Mercury retrograde meets Mars in Leo on July 8, finding you taking some risks—especially in romance as an unexpected and sexy moment is likely to arrive—and encouraging you to end a situation or have a difficult conversation. You didn't have the tools or information to make this difficult decision before, and in truth, you may have to end it again later, but this is a necessary first step toward closure during your Mercury retrograde journey.

The sun opposes your ruling planet Saturn in your sign on July 9, bringing up questions concerning responsibility and maturity, particularly in your relationships. Your tolerance for BS is especially low at this time, but greater flexibility flows and empathetic communication takes place as the sun connects with Neptune in Pisces on July Watch out for short tempers on July 11 as Mars squares off with Uranus—surprises will take place!

Fancy the VIP treatment? Jupiter in Capricorn delivers the goods!

A rebellious energy is in the air and an unexpected ending may take place, but this is a phenomenal time to break through writer's block or a block concerning intimacy. The mood is conducive for taking risks, and you're not afraid to ask for what you want. The sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn on July 14, which brings a complicated energy, so watch out for a major ego clash.

This is a delicate time in your relationships, and some power struggles, jealousy, or obsessive behavior may also rear its head. This is a powerful month for leaving relationships that aren't right for you or pushing the relationships that are healthy and productive to their next phase. The lunar eclipse in your sign, Capricorn, arrives on July 16, asking you to let go of parts of yourself that no longer serve you.

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You're growing out of your past behaviors at a rapid rate, and this eclipse marks a major turn in who you want to be. Eclipses create changes in power dynamics and bring secrets to light—if you've been looking for answers, you'll find them now. This is a major moment for your relationships: Breakups are taking place, but closure is within reach if you've been looking for it, and you may be pulling in some life changing relationships, too.