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Of those, 63 hits went Top Take a Bow broke the run in December Blame Love Profusion for that one.

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Madonna has scored 13 UK Number 1 singles — a chart record for a female solo artist. Madonna's Top 40 best-selling singles on the Official Chart. On its second release in , Holiday was stopped going to Number 1 by Madonna herself, making her one of the few artists in chart history to occupy the Top 2 at the same time.

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And the song that kept Holiday off? See below!

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It was added to a reissue of Like A Virgin that year. Madonna, surprisingly, does not have a million-selling single. Into The Groove is closest, as her top seller, with , copies shifted. View Image Gallery. Holiday was released for a third time, by the way, to commemorate her first greatest hits album The Immaculate Collection more on that later — this version reached Number 5 in Borderline has been out twice too!

Two years later, it was back!

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And reached Number 2! Her big ballad Crazy For You also came out twice, first in and then again in , reaching Number 2 both times. Artists who prevented her from getting to Number 1?

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  • Cheryl’s Love Made Me Do It goes up in the charts days after plummeting to number 48.
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Quite an eclectic lineup! Madonna holds the record for most Number 1 albums by a female artist — 12 so far! True Blue spent six weeks at Number 1 and in just under six months on release, sold just shy of two million that year.

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Greatest hits set The Immaculate Collection landed nine straight weeks at Number 1 from November — her longest stint at the top for any of her albums. The song in question was Take A Bow, which peaked at 16 but, ironically, is her longest running Number 1 in the US, topping the Billboard Hot for seven weeks!

After Vogue in , Madonna had to wait eight years before her next Number 1 — the comeback ballad Frozen in Her most recent Number 1 was 4 Minutes in , meaning this is the longest Madonna has gone without a chart-topper in her entire career. This was a record until Adele overtook her in She's surpassed that now: Rebel Heart was released March , and Madame X is slated for release in June , so four years, three months of waiting and hesitating.

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