Gemini love horoscope weekly 29 to 4 by tarot

You must avoid wearing anything blue in colour and the time between am and pm will prove lucky for you.

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Click here for a more personalised reading. The element Air, does not allow your mind to settle on any one thing for long.

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  • It loves to plan the next move even before the first one is over. Since you love to socialise, you are quick to make new friends The Moon in Aquarius today, will encourage you to plan your next trip soon. You have worked hard and it is time for your break.


    You may rope in your ever-willing friends for the trip. Student Gemini will plan to take off, the moment they finish their exams. If someone asks for some help during 4pm to 5pm, it is best to refuse, as it may be a ploy to trouble you. The Moon in Aquarius will keep you in high spirits today, Gemini and you will want to improve your knowledge about some subject that has always interested you, but for which you did not have time.

    You may rope in a friend to join you and start looking for some institution where you can apply in order to pursue it. Alternatively, you may join some online course. This will help you destress, as this is something that you always found enjoyable. Later, you may even take this up professionally as this subject has a huge market value too.

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    The time between pm and pm is auspicious to start anything new. The colour magenta will prove lucky for you. Today you may get caught up in a situation within your family in which s Read More If you work in a pharmacy or in a related medical field, you will find t Read More Today is a day when overseas ventures are considered very lucky and lucr Read More Stay away from fire and sharp-edged objects as you are accident-prone to Read More Gemini are full of energy and enthusiasm for life.

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    • Join me through my fantastic Facebook Horoscope Ace App, or at my YouTube Horoscope Channel, which provide a sparkling variety of content, for your every need. Luscious Venus in Capricorn aligns harmoniously with fervent Mars in Scorpio which can see us drawn to someone in a friendly, business or romantic way. Tap for more Adventurous Jupiter moves out of Sagittarius and into practical Capricorn from today for a stay of just over a year.

      The Moon in Aquarius forges an awkward angle to dynamic Mars in Scorpio so we may find we are fairly restless. Logical Mercury in Scorpio aligns with prudent Saturn in Capricorn encouraging us to get organized and create a sound plan.

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      As luscious Venus aligns with emancipated Uranus we may be seeking out new experiences that can bring a touch of excitement into the day. Articulate Mercury aligns with aquatic Neptune which can heighten imagination and encourage daydreaming. Beguiling Neptune turns direct from today after its retro phase of several months. If we have felt confused in a key area of life clarity may begin to dawn.

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      Today's New Moon in Sagittarius is perfect for seizing new opportunities especially if they take us out of our comfort zone. With seductive Venus moving into ambitious Capricorn from late tonight this influence can see us keen to liaise with those who have power and authority.

      With luscious Venus merging with upbeat Jupiter in the last degrees of Sagittarius this convivial aspect can see us enjoying social gatherings. Monday sees the luck maker, Jupiter, move into Capricorn.

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      With Venus also in conjunction with Ceres in Capricorn, we can find ourselves keen to be protective of those we care for, or perhaps even reach for the sky Wonderful Jupiter returns to Capricorn for the first time in 12 years, provided some much needed levitation from Saturn and Pluto's transit. With sweet Venus combining with nurturing Ceres a lighter vibe can prevail March 1st is mostly associated with St. Find out more Tap for more The Festive Season is a time for spooky stories, this one has it all; murder, folklore and spies, it also happens to be true.