Taurus yearly love horoscope

Expect tons of surprises and lots of groundbreaking changes. Uranus loves the unexpected, so this is an excellent time to get in touch with your inner-nonconformist. Goth phase, anyone? By the end of August, expect love on the brain.

Yearly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Throughout , your eleventh house of humanitarianism will be activated by Jupiter and Saturn. Likewise, the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses are going to have a profound impact on your communication. Ready for more astrological fun?

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Head over to your sign's monthly horoscope predictions , or check out the Taurus personality profile to find out more about your star sign. Uranus spends rocking and rolling through your seventh house of partnerships. This attracts you to eccentric or "different" types of partners from the ones you normally choose. It also means random endings and beginnings in your love life.

Taurus Yearly Horoscopes - Love, Relationship, Marriage, Business

Pluto is opening your heart in your third house of communication, helping you connect more deeply with a partner. However, Mercury retrogrades through your fifth house of sex and pleasure on March 5, which could challenge the spark in your love life. Jupiter — your ruling planet — is in Sagittarius, making this an incredibly big year for not just your love life, but your entire life.

If you're in a relationship, you'll expand your universe together. If you're single, you'll meet lots of new people and probably fall head-over-heels in love. All in all, will be one big adventure for your love life.

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However, Mercury will retrograde in your emotional eighth house of intimacy on July 7, bringing things to a dark and intense period of introspection. Uranus is in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, making this an incredibly kinky and eccentric year for your love life, dating life, and sex life. Prepare for spontaneous adventures, creative sex, and a deeper sense of play in the connections you make with your current partner or potential partner.

Even though Saturn and Pluto are making you think seriously about your life in your first house of the self, you're still enjoying it. However, Mercury will retrograde through your partnership house on July 7, creating a commotion. Jupiter is in your 11th house of community, expanding your social sphere and making you feel at home, since Aquarius rules over the 11th house.


Taurus Yearly Love And Relationship Horoscope

If you're single, you'll meet tons of interesting people who could potentially turn into lovers. If you're in a relationship, you both will embark on extroverted adventures together and expand your social circle outside of your bond. However, Saturn and Pluto are intensifying things in your spiritual 12th house, showing you a deeper consciousness. Your love life must vibe with it. Uranus is guiding you through an exciting and unexpected ride in your third house of communication. You may just find a secret admirer admitting their feelings for you.

On the other hand, it might be you admitting your feelings for them. Taurus horoscope indicates a stable and peaceful year. Hence this is the right time to settle down during the year. Be prepared to take significant decisions regarding your profession or relationships. Also, you should be confident about your choices. As far as relationships are concerned, bulls have to be spontaneous, and there is no room for brashness.

Do not hesitate to consult financial experts regarding your investments. As a result, you will get the right ideas to restructure your life based on brilliant ideas followed by concrete actions. Saturn will act as a restraining force, but you will have no problem in achieving your goals in the year The Taurus love horoscope forecasts that love life will be filled with feelings and passion.

Key Dates:

Consequently, you will have an opportunity to make your love life flourish again. It is the right time to forget about the tensions of the past years in this area.


You can analyze the mistakes you have done in the past and take necessary corrective actions. Single persons will be driven by planetary influences to look for love partners. The desire for settling down with a mate will be dominant. With all your grace and charm you will not have any problem in attracting suitable partners. Above all, you will be motivated by genuine love rather than passion in your relationships. For persons who are already committed to a partner in love, it is but natural to convert that into a marriage.

As a consequence, you will have a blessed and divine relationship. Married couples can look forward to the arrival of a new one during the year. Astrological predictions for Taurus personality regarding family guarantee a happy and pleasant year Though there may be some friction during the first half of the year between family members, the second half portends to be harmonious. You will have a more social presence, and you tend to indulge in community service. This year Taurus persons will be playing a stellar role in the family.

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You will have to play the part of a leader in the family environment. As a result, members of the family will seek your advice and guidance on important matters.

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