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Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and shows what we have mastered and built for ourselves. Think of this in collective terms and we can see where we are. Capricorn represents those that have made it in the world, those with authority and clout, those responsible for governing the system, the status quo and what is expected. We are surrounded by leaders and governing systems, we no longer trust, nor have faith in. It all felt like our collective karma was being unleashed onto the world for another grand awakening. It maybe only a vision right now!

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You are Free. We are all free , to do what we want! And love, what happened to Love Libra , Venus trine Jupiter, love of fellow man? Mars in Pisces — Now this is a spiritual warrior at best and a hopeless worrier at worst. We will see the good in the bad, we will see the bad in the good, and all combinations.

Yet with Mars we need to think about how energy is being directed. Venus in Aquarius — Venus nearing maximum elongation in her evening cycle, Venus is bright and strong. Hold up that ideal, like a star shining bright, and never let it be extinguished. The last number 9 year was , remember how the world changed in , the last 1 year, when Pluto entered Capricorn and the GFC hit the world stage.

Using Solstice Points in Synastry

As Uranus moves away from the square to Pluto and opposes Jupiter into , we await a year of significant shifts and turns as we re-invent the way it should be. Remember to take time out today to set global loving intentions that will reverberate far and wide. Focus on expanding your Aura at this Solstice, sit quietly light a candle, relax with your breath. With every breath expand your Aura, wider, and wider as if you had the healing power of the Sun radiating from your heart.

Feel the heat and the vibration as our Auras intersect and send cosmic agent ripples around our troubled globe. We share a vision of the world soul, raising consciousness to the Anima Mundi, the universal energies and archetypal patterns that can be observed in the ceaseless cyclic movements of the cosmos.

For millennia, humans have engaged with the cosmic sphere to seek meaning, guidance and inspiration. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, specials, discounts, events and general updates from our team. I detested jealousy and posessiveness. Not real, just a figment of imagination. NOt being able to let go of a person, to be dependent?

Weakness of an overemotional soul. Yes, I was convinced you can switch off and on your emotions, if you just try hard enough.

WATCH OUT! Solstice begins with a rocky start – but it could bring you joy in the end....

Besides who needs such a dirty emotional mess in their lives, when they can have airy thoughts? Aquarius - Moon, what shall I say? And then, he came on the stage of my life, with his Neptune in Scorpio in my 11th house. How can you describe NEptune better he could have been a drug addict, too, actually I met those too in that period? He drew my Moon, my emotions into his forcefield; well, drew, pulled, hypnotized me into it, fits it rather.

Actually when it all started I had a dream I have never forgotten. And in that dream I had been pulled into a painting. REally pulled into it.

Equinoxes, Solstices, and Astrology

And then he disappeared. And I experienced it all, the passion, the dependency, the emotional ups and downs, the obsession, the jealousy, the pain, the ultimate loss, the need to let go and surrender, I think I learned devotion, that I am NOT on a higher point as a mere observant. I am deeply involved in it all. Funny enough when I noticed him Transit Pluto was exactly square my Moon and roughly conjunct his Neptune and opposite his Moon seems he has had an exhausting period, too.

I think that is how it worked. I had to integrate him, or rather the part he symbolized, the part of my soul I had pushed away, and now I had to reintegrate this part. IT is a step on the way to wholeness. And we humans learn that by meeting people, on which we can project all that is hidden and suppressed; they make us aware of it, so we can reintegrate it and finally return home into our own soul.

JEsus, what is wrong with me today? HOwever, I think this is how antiscion work, on a deeply spiritual, yet very real and physical level. There are people who would see the contrascion as an opposition, but I do not make a difference here. And if you change the place of the mirror, suddenly the antiscion will transform itself to the contrascion. Like Ascions over Cancer - Cappy reflecting more something parental, while Aries-Libra are more equally relationship oriented.

But since you will always get the same point, either as antiscion or as contrascion, I would treat them the same. IP: Logged. The Venus contrascia would largely mean love or easiness between them?

Winter Solstice and December Astrological Thoughts | Acutonics®

Yes, I think so. Also, I think that both persons can learn something, but not in the sense that the other one really teaches. They learn from each other just because they are how they are. To really interprete it I would look in which signs the planets fall and into which houses in both charts and possibly which houses they rule. For example: Venus conjunct Mars versus Venus contrascia Mars' shadow point.

I actually realized that I share some antiscia connections, too, with Jude Law and the other guy. I would LOVE to take advantage of your genorisity and get an antiscion report. Do you stil lhave my dates? Oh well, here they are again: 18th december a. Duesseldorf, Viersen Germany Thank you. And a Pluto at 28' Virgo would rock their world and trap them into obsessiveness, particularly if it came from the 8th house?

Well, and now there comes the Virgo-Pisces-axis into play, and I think Libra can learn a lot about service and doing necessary things Virgo and about true altruism and devotion Pisces. Yes, I think your interpretation is really great. If my Venus is antiscion your Jupiter; your Jupiter will also be antiscion my Venus.

And funny, but Pluto rules my 11th and 12th house.

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  • Of course I had to write on a public forum 11th house about spiritual things 12th house , about an aspect that has a very hidden and mysterious nature Scorpio on the cups of 12th house. LOL And no wonder I felt such a lot inner pressure lately.

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    I have been thinking of asking you to start a thread on this very topic. When I read the Cafe Astro example, they listed it as important in synastry, but didn't go into much detail. What are the orbs you're using? No wonder it feels so karmic! Be back with his Solstice Points. Thank you for another thought provoking thread!!!

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    My Venus is conj his NN in natal synastry and it is my chart ruler, as well as his! I don't know what to make of this! I'm way tired and running on E! GG as always im gonna also ask you if you could get me a report mine 30th august at am porto portugal bf 29th september at am lisbon portugal thanks!